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Mrs. Weld - 4th Grade

We're all coming back to the classroom!  Beginning April 19, all students will attend class!  Students need to arrive at the classroom door by 8:05 am and are ready to begin their day at the 8:10 am bell.  Students who arrive after the second bell are considered tardy.  All students are dismissed at 12:25 pm.


Office hours will continue to be from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm Monday - Thursday.  There will be no Friday morning Zooms and no office hours.  Please contact me through email if it is a Friday.


PE and Music will continue to be held via Zoom.


All students need to be completing at least 60 puzzles per week on ST Math.  We have moved to recording progress by puzzle completion, not time on the site.


Music Zoom link in the Music Google classroom  
Zoom link is in the PE Google classroom  
Remember you must be logged-in to your school email to access the Google Classroom.  Please be sure this is the ONLY email account open on your computer.
This week  (April 19 - April 23, 2021) we will be focused on:
Getting to know each other...this will be the first time we are all together in person!  
     *ELA - How Do Communities Evolve?
     *Math - Decimal Fractions
     *Social Studies - Changes in California:  From Missions to Ranchos
     *Science - Waves of all Kinds

Office Hours
Monday - Thursday
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Office hours are for those who require assistance - for parents, please email me at dweld@lammersvilleusd.net and we will make arrangements for a phone call or Zoom
Students are welcome to come to office hours for additional support or just to hang out and work while we chat.
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