Robynne Vega » Miss. Vega- Transitional Kindergarten

Miss. Vega- Transitional Kindergarten

Week of 3/1-3/5
Instructional Focus:
    1. ELA- Handwriting without Tears- lowercase letters, x & z, sentence structure, reading sentences in small groups with targeted sight words
    2. Math- Tally marks, number 20, Circular configurations up to 10, counting on, 
    3. Science
    4. Social Studies- How are families alike and different?
  • Mon and Wed- Group A, 8:05-12:00pm
  • Tues - Group B, 8:05-12:00pm
  • Fridays are Asynchronous, Music on zoom 9-9:30

3/1- 3/5- Read across America Week

3/12- Report Cards available on Aeries

3/18- Both cohorts asynchronous- *no in person school*

Spring Break- 3/29-4/2




Be sure to log into Google Classroom daily to see assignments and announcements. 
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