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Ms. Proietti's 4th Grade

  • Please remember to check our new Google Classroom for today's assignments
  • PE is Wednesday at 1:00
  • Music is also Wednesday, at 2:05
  • Both PE and Music classes are mandatory! 
  • There will be a materials pick up this Friday!
2/22 - 2/26
This week in ELA we will be wrapping up Unit 5 in Benchmark.  We will be focusing on finding key details, determining main idea, defining domain specific vocabulary, summarizing, and informative writing.  We will take the Unit 5  End of Unit Benchmark Assessment this week.
This week in Math we will be continuing with Module 5, adding and subtracting fractions.
In Social Studies we will learn about and discuss California after statehood and the effects of transportation and immigration on the state.
In Science we will continue talking about the scientific process and prepare for individual science projects.