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Math Kangaroo:


Please DO NOT contact the school office or  Teachers or administrators for information regarding Math Kangaroo. 


Please do not private message Hansen PTA for syllabus, coaching. We are just proctoring it at our school for your convenience.


What is Math Kangaroo?


Who is hosting it?

Hansen PTA


Who is the coach:

Parent or check for any private institution that offers


What is the syllabus:

Check the website


Who can enroll:

  1. Only students attending hansen school at the time of the registration and the actual test day
  2. Any child or relative of Math Kangaroo volunteer should not enroll


Cost: $21 per


Test Date: Thursday March 16th 2023


Registration in person at Hansen School

Date: Friday Nov 4th, 2022

Time: 1:45 PM to 3 PM

Hansen school.



  1. Create Account prior registration at the center using
  2. Get a valid credit card
  3. Get Student ID card.
  4. Class teacher’s name


By: Hansen PTA

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