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Mrs. Duran's 3rd Grade

Please check the Google Classroom link to the right for a morning message located under the "Stream" and today's "Assignments" where you will also find your schedule. We will be meeting on zoom today at 8:15am. Please come prepared with all necessary supplies and use your time wisely today to get through all assignments.

Please contact me through email for help or to schedule a zoom at
Have a great week! Tigers ROAR!      Hansen Tiger
Week of 2/22/2021:
  • Benchmark ELA:  Unit 5 Identifying and summarizing key details and main idea, sequential text connections, author's purpose, context clues, compare and contrast text on the same subject, subordinating conjunctions, pronoun antecedent agreement, narrative writing.  Unit 5 Assessment Wednesday
  • Eureka Math: Module 5: Partitioning a whole into equal parts, identifying and counting unit fractions, identifying fractions as a whole, comparing fractions (Lessons 7-11).
  • Pearson History: Chapter 2 American Indians of California (Lesson 2) Identifying and summarizing key details and main idea, critical thinking.
  • Mystery Science: Invisible Forces: forces, motion, and magnets. 
  • Students will meet with Mr. Andrade every Monday from 1:35pm-2:05pm. 
  • Asynchronous day Thursday 2/25
  • Material pick-up Friday 2/26 9:30am-2:30pm
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